Welcome to PEAR

PEAR's Mission

Our corporate name “PEAR” stands for “Partnership for Environmental Action with Responsibility”, which means the partnership between developed countries and developing countries pursuing protection of global environment and construction of sustainable society.

How to Use PEAR's Service

The special point of our service is to give customers the opportunities to reduce CO2 emissions while raising their awareness about daily consumption activities. Why don’t you enjoy CO2 reduction life with PEAR’s unique carbon offset?

Project Information

Credits used for PEAR’s Carbon Offset

Currently PEAR uses emission reduction credits from a CDM (Clean Development Mechanism) project in India. The project is to produce electricity from agricultural waste such as rice husk, Juliflora and bagasse. This project reduces CO2 emissions from conventional coal based electricity generation by switching the fuel to CO2 free biomass. This project also brings additional revenue to the local farmers who collect and sell the agricultural waste to the power plant.
Project 0391: Indur 7.5 MW Non-Conventional Renewable Sources Biomass Power Project.

PEAR’s Original Project: Biogas-Micro Digester (BMD) in China

PEAR also promotes our own project for the source of carbon offset credits. The project is to install biogas micro-digesters (BMDs) for low-income rural households in Chongqing, China under programmatic CDM (programme of activities; PoA). The revenue of the carbon credits (CERs) from the project is utilized as a part of the upfront investment to install BMDs for households. The Ceremony for starting the Activity was held in Kai County of Chongqing municipality on March 14 of 2009.